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Visual comp of 2022 Year of the Tiger calendar by Amanda Pounds

2022 year of the tiger

I took a break from annual calendars in 2020 and 2021, but got back on track with 2022's calendar — starting off in February to align with the Lunar New Year and the Chinese zodiac for 2022: Year of the Tiger.

Let's hope this is a nice tiger.

If you'd like to download a copy for yourself, you can print this pdf. It's set up to print on 11x17 paper at full size (no scaling). Uncoated paper is best if you plan to add notes (I use symbols and shorthand to track time off, appointments, when I gave my pets their heartworm meds, etc).

Some have asked how much I'm charging for these. I've always shared them for free, but I won't turn down an opportunity to encourage folks to donate to their favorite animal welfare organization. Or if you really want to throw some money my way,  @Amanda-Pounds is my Venmo handle.

Always love seeing how people use them, so please send me a pic if you find it useful.


Banner of 2022 Calendar header by Amanda Pounds
Tiger as a two illustration by Amanda Pounds
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